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Discover So Long Farewell

Embark on a cinematic journey with Eleanor Wells, exploring the profound impacts of mental health on teens and young adults.

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Premiered Jan 21, 2024Six years after their high school graduation, various members of a lauded high school drama club return to their small Wisconsin town for the funeral of a former classmate, in which they reflect on their lives, how things have changed, and the production of The Sound of Music that occurred in the… learn more

Thoughts of our past works

This film boasts strong performances from its skilled cast and excellent production design that really makes you believe we’re in 1974. Kimberly Laberge is a compelling actress and those around her give solid supporting performances as well. Nice work from Eleanor Wells and her team.

Nicola Rose

I can appreciate how the heavy themes are portrayed on screen and in the script.

Irina Wirjan

Fantastic story and acting! Each performer brought the energy and brought a fantastic script from Wells to life. Not to mention the vibe of 1974 was perfectly captured.

Jon Goltz

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